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Traffic Offenses

Traffic Offenses

Simply put, driver’s charged with certain minor traffic offenses such as failure to signal or improper plates are probably matters better handled without legal representation. If it is a minimal offense that will not result in any points on your driving record or cause your insurance premiums to increase dramatically, you may very well be better off just paying the fine. I encourage you to contact the firm to discuss your situation, but would suggest that you save your money and rectify the solution on your own.

However, if you find yourself facing reckless driving charges, speeding tickets, or other traffic-related offenses that could lead to jail time, license suspensions or serious insurance rate hikes, you should consult with legal counsel to discuss your options. Another very important reason to retain legal counsel is if you possess a Commercial Driver’s License and have been charged with a safety rating violation. Frequently, in CDL cases, a plea can be negotiated to reduce the charge to something that will not affect your driving status or cause your insurance to increase. In some instances, if you live out of state, our charged with a traffic-related offense and would prefer to simply get out of the ticket a plea agreement can often be negotiated to reduce your charge to a non-moving offense that will result in a fine, but will not add any points to your license.

If you have been charged with traffic-related offense, contact the Law Offices of Shane B.C. Watson at 219.369.6892, email or at the contact form provided on this site for a free attorney consultation.

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