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Child Support

Child Support

The law in Indiana is very clear: a child is entitled to the support of both parents. It is a child’s right and one that should not be taken lightly. The amount of support to be paid by a parent is determined by the Indiana Child Support Guidelines and considers such factors as income of the parents, health insurance contribution and overnight visits to name just a few.

Whether child support is an issue in a divorce, custody or a paternity matter, the Law Offices of Shane B.C. Watson will work to obtain the amount of support which your child is due. If a Support Order is already in place, but your income has drastically decreased or the other parent’s income has substantially increased since the Order, the law may allow for a modification to increase the weekly support obligation.

If a parent is simply not paying support, owes back support or a modification in support may be warranted, contact the Law Office Shane B.C. Watson for a free consultation at 219.369.6892, email or at the contact form provided on this site and the firm will take all available measures to get that parent paying the support that is owed to your child.

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