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Small Claims

Small Claims

In many instances, small claims cases are handled by each of the parties, pro se, which means without an attorney in a special court designated to handle small claims matters. The maximum amount of a judgment that can be awarded in small claims matter is $6000. If the amount of money that you are seeking or that is being sought from you is a substantial sum, it could very well be in your best interest to secure legal counsel to represent your interests.

Certain rules apply to business entities such as Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships that require a business to be represented by counsel if the value of the award they are seeking exceeds $1,500. If a business fails to secure legal counsel and allows a representative of the business to proceed with the action, the party will be limited to no more than $1,500.

If you intend to file a small claims action or are being sued in small claims court, the Law Office of Shane B.C. Watson encourages you contact the office at 219.369.6892, email or at the contact form provided on the site to set up a free consultation. After a few minutes of discussion, it will be evident whether it makes sense to hire an attorney to represent your interests or whether self-representation is your best option.

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