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A will is a set of instructions that provide for the distribution of your assets upon your death. The prospect of dying is rarely an uplifting topic, so frequently people put off drafting a will and in some instances never draft one at all. This is unfortunate as a person who dies “intestate” without a valid will has no say in how their assets will be dispersed and Indiana law will determine how your possessions will be dispersed. Failing to draft a will will often cause additional hardship on your family. Shhould you wish to allow someone outside of your family or a family member that is not specified by Indiana statute to receive estate assets that will not be possible. A properly valid and executed will is necessary to provide for the distribution of your earthly assets after your death.

Hiring an attorney to draft your will is actually very affordable and changing a provision in your will is truly a very simple process. Simply put, you cannot afford not to have a will. You owe it to your family and loved ones to make your wishes clear and avoid infighting that sometimes occurs after the death of a family member or friend.

Commercial wills that are available on line or at certain retail outlets should be viewed with skepticism. They are frequently generically drafted and may not adhere to all the requirements necessary for will to be considered valid in Indiana. It only takes the failure of a single requirement for a will to be determined invalid and your final wishes rendered void and worthless. Seeking legal counsel from a licensed Indiana attorney is a prudent practice when reducing your final bequests to writing.

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